Climate extremists disrupt Melbourne dressed as koalas

Activist group says it is planning more action in the city

Climate extremists disrupt Melbourne dressed as koalas
Extinction Rebellion
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Climate change activists dressed in koala suits brought part of the Melbourne CBD to a standstill yesterday.

The Extinction Rebellion protest against logging blocked the intersection of Bourke and Queen Street, cutting off access to motorists in both directions.

Traffic was disrupted for three hours.

Two activists wearing koala suits hung from six-metre-high tripods the group had hastily erected in the middle of the road around 12pm.

Two more activists had their hands in barrels that the group had glued to the road while another, wearing a Daniel Andrews’ face mask, pretended to cut down trees using a fake chainsaw.

Police eventually arrested the group and took them to Melbourne West Police Station.

One of the participants told a live stream of the protest that logging by Vic Forests was “a catastrophe”.

“My poor koala friends are losing their homes,” she said.

“Not just losing their homes but being driven to extinction by the actions of Vic Forests.”

The group said more protests were planned for the weekend.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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