Conflicts of interest from those contributing to COVID hysteria

Dr. Peter Juni, self-proclaimed COVID-19 expert who makes ~$300,000/year, does not feel like the deep conflicts of interest his institution has with biopharmaceutical companies affects his role in providing reports to government decision-makers and in providing information to the public.

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Legacy media continues to amplify the opinions of self-proclaimed COVID-19 experts while disregarding their declared conflicts of interest.

This report comes to light after Dr. Peter Juni provided speculative comments to CTV News Ottawa. Juni claims that Canadians should become accustomed to enjoying themselves during spring, summer and fall and then basically begs people to get booster doses.

Dr. Juni is the scientific director for the Ontario Science Table (OST).

The OST is a group of unelected, self-proclaimed experts that appeared out of thin air early on into the COVID pandemic in summer 2020 after Premier Doug Ford claimed to be listening to “the experts” but refused to name them.

Juni is an epidemiologist who teaches at the University of Toronto and does health research at St Michael's hospital. It doesn’t appear that he’s ever treated patients or provided direct patient care.

Under Juni’s “About” section on the OST website, there are seven different PDF’s of declared conflicts of interest (1234567).

For the most part, Juni’s institution was paid directly via grants. His institution has received grants in relation to COVID-19 from Appili Therapeutics, a Canadian pharmaceutical company. Other grants include notable pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly.

Juni also has a direct payment conflict by Hicks Morley for “expert testimony.” He was a paid expert witness on vaccine mandates for a university, a hospital and another public employer. Oddly, Hicks Morley, specifically their lawyer Michael Kennedy, were the same ones involved in the denial of fourth-year nursing student Katherine Bishop her religious exemption.

Small world.

Dr. Peter Juni makes approximately $300,000 a year working for these institutions.

In an email seeking comment on the above, Dr. Juni confirms that all money went to the institutions where he works. The only exception was for the fees that he is set to receive later this year for providing expert testimony in four court cases.

Dr. Juni doesn’t feel like any of those activities have affected his role in providing reports to government decision-makers and in providing information to the public.

Have you ever seen the media note one of the “experts” conflicts of interest? There are many and they are far reaching. The connections within the pandemonium generators are eerie, but the general public has no idea unless they dig below the surface.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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