Conservative MP FORCED OUT of Parliament Due To Vaccine Status

She refused to show her proof of vaccination, as it is private medical information, and consequently the Liberal-NDP coalition threatened to kick her out of the House Of Commons.

Conservative MP FORCED OUT of Parliament Due To Vaccine Status
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When the MP for the riding of Yorkton—Melville in Saskatchewan Cathay Wagantall took the decision of finally coming back to West Block in order to better serve her constituents, the Liberals and NDP in the house threatened to kick her out of Parliament. Therefore she preemptively decided to leave, before security would need to get involved. 

After this occurred, she staged a press conference in front of West Block, to explain what the situation was, and what actions had been taken. “There’s no way that any of our public servants are being nearly as efficient as they should be working from home,” she stated. 

Wagantall explained that she believes “there are very good reasons why an exemption should be given to a number of Canadians – actually the majority of them. Because there are a lot of reasons why an individual may choose not to get vaccinated.”

“This Prime Minister has decided that the only way you get an exemption is if you take that first vaccine," she continues, “and you have an anaphylactic reaction to it. That’s insane!”

One thing Wagantall wants to make clear is that she is neither vaccinated, nor unvaccinated. The fact that she does not disclose her vaccination status does not imply if she is or isn't vaccinated. 

The point she makes is that it is immoral to coerce a free individual into providing private medical information to another person. Two reporters that were at the small press conference challenged her by asking: “what about other Canadians? Why should you have an exemption and not them?”

Wagantall made sure to remind them that she does not believe she should be an exception. 

Following this line of aggressive questioning, a True North reporter asked Wagantall what she thinks of the fact that the whole world is opening up again, and lift mask mandates as well as vaccine mandates, but not Canada. And that since this is happening, why does she think Trudeau himself is not lifting the mandates?

Here is her full response:

“I would really love you all to ask him that question over and over and over again. And put it in your papers. What do I think? There’s clearly an alternative agenda.”

One odd thing with this whole situation is that on Tuesday, Justin Trudeau attended the National Prayer Breakfast and stood right next to Wagantall unmasked. 

Leslyn Lewis pointed out that she believes this is insanity, and that all mandates should end now. 

MP Cathay Wagantall will now be forced to go back to serving her people in a virtual manner, and will not be allowed inside Parliament to defend her beliefs, and protect her constituents. 

She pointed out that behind a Member of Parliament’s badge, it is written that they must be allowed inside Parliament at all times, without obstruction. If this is the case, then this situation contradicts the rights that she holds as an MP. 

More to follow in the next days. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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