Conservatives need to kill the 'climate scare' in Canada: Tom Harris

'The carbon tax is only a symptom of the disease,' said Harris.

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On last night's episode of The Gunn Show, Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition joined the show to discuss how Conservatives can take back environmental issues from alarmists.

As explained by Sheila, Canadians are being crushed by inflation caused by carbon taxes and green schemes. She argues that Conservatives should be debunking these policies without adopting the Left's language or conceding ground to alarmists.

Speaking about the upcoming April 1 carbon tax hike, Sheila said, "It's almost April 1st, and that means April Fools' day and the jokers in the House of Commons are raising the carbon tax on Canadians as their way to as they say 'mitigate climate change.'"

"I'm not sure how if I give Justin Trudeau more of my money to waste it will make the weather better, but that's the logic if you follow the Liberals," she added.

Mr. Harris spoke about the disconnect between the leadership within the Conservative Party and grassroots conservatives on issues like climate change. "There's a big disconnect between what the party brass are saying and doing and what the grassroots are doing," he said.

While critiquing the Conservative Party of Canada's climate plan, Mr. Harris said, "Even in their September 2023 policy document they say this, they want the 'adoption of a pan-Canadian low carbon aluminum purchasing policy.'"

"And they say they want to have a 'purposeful, gradual transition to a low carbon-use future.' What for? I mean why do they want to have that? It's damaging to their industries, to all the industries that support Conservatives."

Mr. Harris went on to say, "What they've been saying, and you can sort of see this, they're saying 'well you know we can't say these things because the polls show that most Canadians think that we have a climate crisis.'"

As stated by Sheila, "I've just seen Abacus data polling that says that even for millennials and Gen Z people, so regular old Trudueau voters or future Trudeau voters, they don't even put climate change in their top five issues. It's all affordability." 

Pierre Poilievre has made "axing" the carbon tax a primary focus of his campaign, pointing to the tax as one reason for increased food and fuel costs.

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