“Control and tyranny:” Toronto's anti-lockdown protesters warn against losing your rights

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Doug Ford says he’s monkey-mad these days, but Yahoo Nation continues to occupy the lawns of Queen’s Park – and in larger numbers to boot.

Indeed, for the fifth Saturday in a row, hundreds of Ontarians showed up at the provincial legislature in Toronto. They are sick and tired of the Wuhan virus restrictions and they want the Premier to reopen the economy – as in fully.

But Doug Ford seems tone-deaf to their requests. He has called the protesters “a bunch of yahoos” and labelled those who brandished the Canadian flag upside-down as being anti-military (adding he’d help them pack their bags so they could find another country to live in!)

And as the warm sunny days are finally emerging, Doug Ford doesn’t want people to embrace the great outdoors. Instead, he’d prefer they stay inside and bake cherry cheesecake. Seriously.

But prior to last Saturday’s protest, Premier Ford vowed to be an 800-lb. gorilla in terms of getting things done. No, not reopening the economy fully – rather, the premier is miffed at the number of tests being conducted in the province for the Wuhan virus.

That’s right: as Ontarians are demanding to be treated like adults so they can get a haircut or a massage or a pedicure or send their kids to summer camp, Ford is devolving into… primate mode.

Talk about not getting one’s priorities straight: a new poll ranks Ontario as being number nine out of 10 in terms of economic freedom in this day and age of the Wuhan virus (only Newfoundland is worse; Alberta is best.)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t one of the slogans in Doug Ford’s 2018 election campaign “Ontario: Open for business”? Methinks this conservative does not come as advertised…

As for those “yahoos” who missed out on last Saturday’s protest, not to worry: Yahoo Nation shall be returning to the lawns of Queen’s Park this coming Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. Expect an even bigger crowd as citizens become increasingly frustrated due to being confined to quarters while their Premier goes ape as he continues to bake cherry cheesecakes…

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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