Coronavirus ends where Toronto starts? Steeles Avenue cuts a lockdown line through Canada's biggest city

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On Friday June 19, Ontario moved forward to the next stage of the province's economic restart phase, a.k.a., Stage 2 (kindly ignore the fact that so many other provinces are already in Stage 3.)

In any event, restaurants, barber shops, nail salons and malls can now reopen in Ontario. That big chunk of real estate is now, as Premier Doug Ford likes to say, “Open for Business.”

Ah, but not so fast, Ontarians, because the City of Toronto is still excluded from the list. As are the Region of Peel and Windsor-Essex County, given the guidance of public health units. For now, businesses in those regions shall remain crippled thanks to nanny-state approved Wuhan virus precautions.

Funny thing is, the City of Toronto actually borders cities in the Regional Municipality of York, such as Vaughan and Markham. Indeed, the physical boundary is Steeles Avenue, meaning that if your business is situated on the south side of Steeles, you must remain in lockdown mode; but, just walk 40 paces across Steeles Avenue (perhaps now known as “the demilitarized zone”) and it’s winner-winner, chicken dinner!

Does that make any sense to anyone?

So it was, we ventured up to Steeles Avenue to check out this bizarre tale of two cities.

And if the thinking is that the Wuhan virus will obey the edicts of the current government residing at Queen’s Park – i.e., that the coronavirus microbes won’t dare cross the City of Toronto side of Steeles Avenue into the Stage 2 utopia of York Region – well, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

We released some soap bubbles on the south side of Steeles, and guess what? Those tiny bubbles immediately meandered over to the north side of the street.

Oh, the humanity! And please, can someone call in the hate crimes unit?


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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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