Costco pharmacy client KICKED OUT — medical mask exemption not good enough for staff

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The arbitrary enforcement of the mask mandates should concern us all. Stories keep emerging of those not wearing masks being harassed while trying to go about their daily lives.

Mask mandates are being so hastily enforced that police are now being called on legally exempt individuals, and they're using trespass to property threats to bully people into compliance. 

Take the story of Ben, a shopper at Costco, for instance.

Ben contacted me after he was harassed and berated by employees at the Costco in Oshawa, Ontario. 

When he entered Costco to shop with his wife, he was treated like a criminal. Ben wasn't wearing a mask due to exemption, but his wife was. 

The Costco employee attempted to physically confiscate his wife’s membership card as they checked out with their items, and temporarily suspended their account post-payment!

It was only after a formal complaint that district vice president Frank Chislette apologized for how the situation escalated. And yet, Chislette still told Ben that his account had been flagged and that he would no longer be welcome to shop at Costco without a face covering! 

Incredibly, Ben has his prescription filled at Costco's pharmacy for the very condition that makes him exempt from the Ontario provincial mask regulation! How absurd does that make all of this?

You can check out Costco’s enforced-without-exception mask policy here

I wanted to know: how long will this policy be in place, what this policy hopes to achieve, how does Costco measure the efficacy of this policy, and I wanted Frank Chislette to clarify how the store's lackluster online accommodations constitute as reasonable. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Chislette did not respond. All of this leads me to wonder: did Costco dot their I’s and cross their T’s before they implemented such an overreaching policy on members who didn’t sign up for this?

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  • By David Menzies

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