Coutts Three trial: Jury expected to begin deliberations for verdict on Tuesday

After receiving instructions from Justice Yamauchi, the jurors will retire to deliberate and render a verdict.

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During Monday's proceedings in the Coutts Three trial in Lethbridge, AB, the Crown and defence teams presented recommendations to Justice Keith Yamauchi, the judge presiding over the trial, regarding their preferred language to be included in Yamauchi's instructions to the jury prior to the jurors' retirement for deliberations.

The Coutts Three – Marco Van Huigenbos, Alex Van Herk, and George Janzen – are accused of having committed mischief over $5,000 for their participation in the 2022 Coutts protest and blockade, a peaceful and civilly disobedient protest alongside the same year's Freedom Convoy. Both protests broadly opposed governmental mandates, orders, and decrees ostensibly issued to protect "public health" by reducing COVID-19 transmission.

At times during the weeks-long protest, cross-border traffic at the Canada-U.S. Coutts-Sweetgrass border crossing was obstructed in each direction due to the protest. The federal government alleges that this blockage amounted to economic harm valued above $5,000.

The prosecution ended its arguments last Friday, with the defence teams for the three defendants opting against inviting witnesses or introducing additional evidence.

The judge, prosecution, and defence teams expect to finalize the judge's instructions for the jury on Tuesday, when the jurors will be brought back to the courtroom to receive them.

After receiving instructions from Yamauchi, the jurors will retire to deliberate and render a verdict.

Van Huigenbos, Van Herk, and Janzen all told Rebel News on Friday that they considered their defence attorneys to be competent and skilled.

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