Crowd reacts to Tommy Robinson's charges being dismissed

Sheila Gunn Reid reports from London, England after Tommy Robinson's charges were dismissed by a judge earlier today.

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I'm outside of Westminster Magistrates' Court and there's still a crowd here shortly after the verdict came in for Tommy Robinson.

The judge dismissed the charges against him for failing to comply with the dispersal order — the dispersal order that ended up with Tommy Robinson in handcuffs and pepper-sprayed and then banned from his capital city.

I wanted to talk to people about why they thought it was so important to come here to support Tommy.

One woman explained, "We came yesterday and listened to what they were saying yesterday, and it's just disgraceful. The way he's treated, the way they react, well they act they don't even react, they act."

"It's just completely wrong and the support needs to be there for people like him because we're all in danger for the future," she added.

Former Member of European Parliament Gerard Batten said, "This is like the old Soviet Union. It's outrageous that this is happening in England, but it is."

Journalist Mahyar Tousi said, "So in this country a lot of people thought, 'oh the police and establishment are plotting.' The actual ordinary police officers are so incompetent they didn't know what they were talking about."

"They didn't know their own guidelines. They didn't even read it," he added.

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