A Real Way To Help Victims of Fire in Maui

We found a grassroots relief camp for victims of the Maui fire. We were so moved, we donated $1,000 worth of goods and set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise $25,000.

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Rebel News is in Maui reporting on the wildfires. Along the way, we found a grassroots relief camp for fire victims. We were so moved we donated $1,000 worth of goods, and we’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise $25,000.

Please chip in at www.HonokowaiRelief.com!

Amber Vaughan is an organizer of the citizen-led relief effort. She told Rebel News that the relief camp includes a tent for medical help, including fulfilling prescriptions. Vaughan says that children had just recently started attending school again before the fires, so setting up a kind of school at the camp is a high priority.

Vaughan told Rebel News that lawyers have volunteered to set up a non-profit organization that will receive the funds from GiveSendGo, and any surplus funds not used by the camp at Honokowai Park will be given to nearby relief programs for children.

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  • By Ezra Levant

DONATE: Honokowai Relief Centre

Rebel News is also crowdfunding donations for the Honokowai Ohana Relief Centre. 100% of these proceeds will go to disaster relief efforts and rebuilding the local community. Any surplus funds will be spent on children in the neighbouring communities.


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