Dan Andrews denies Victoria's reputational damage impacts future events

Despite controversy over the cancelled Commonwealth Games, Victoria's Premier is confident in the state's ability to host major global events.

Dan Andrews denies Victoria's reputational damage impacts future events
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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has denied any reputational damage to the state following the cancelled Commonwealth Games, rejecting the idea that it could hinder a bid to host the 2034 Men's FIFA World Cup.

Following the recent success of the Women's World Cup, Football Australia has shown interest in hosting the Men's tournament in 2034. James Johnson, Football Australia's Chief Executive, has expressed the desire for more tournaments in Australia, with applications to host the World Cup anticipated to be finalised in 2026.

However, 3AW broadcaster Tom Elliott claimed that Melbourne's reputation had been damaged by the controversial decision to axe the Commonwealth Games, potentially affecting future events.

In response, Andrews insisted that many "very big global sporting and cultural events" were still interested in the state.

"No, I don't believe so. I had a meeting with Visit Victoria's leadership last week," he said, adding that there were no reputational benefits in hosting a games that would cost three times the estimated amount or result in legal battles.

The original decision to cancel the Commonwealth Games, with the cost ballooning from the budgeted $2.6 billion to between $6 and $7 billion, left taxpayers with a $380 million bill. Multiple inquiries are currently probing the government's decision.

Despite admitting that the original business case for the Commonwealth Games was not "fantastic," Mr Andrews expressed confidence in Victoria's capabilities, stating that it would be "unfair" to suggest that the people involved did not do their best.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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