Dan Andrews' secret China trip continues to raise eyebrows

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews faces criticism for secret visit to China and comments on Chinese influence in Victoria in 2019 interview.

Dan Andrews' secret China trip continues to raise eyebrows
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Daniel Andrews’ secretive China trip continues to cause a stir as video of an interview emerged in which the Victoria Premier is heard to tell the Chinese that his state could not do “without a Chinese influence”.

Andrews, who flew to China on Monday for a four-day visit that involves no media and that was revealed only the day before he flew out, made the comments on Chinese state-owned TV in 2019.

“The Chinese story is absolutely essential to the Victorian story for more than 150 years,” he told Hong-Kong based Phoenix TV.

He went on to assure his hosts that while “good friends can disagree, true friends don’t disrespect”.

“And that’s always the approach that I’ve taken,” he said.

Andrews, who will be the first Australian politician to visit China since the AUKUS deal was finalised, has been heavily criticised over his decision to keep Australian media away from the trip.

He justified the media blackout by insisting the trip would not be “picture friendly”.

He said he would be meeting with trade officials to promote Victoria’s tertiary education sector, but details of his itinerary have not been released.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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