Danielle Smith impresses at Calgary Stampede as she pledges to fight Justin Trudeau

Rebel reporters Adam Soos and Sydney Fizzard discuss the impressive showing of the Alberta Premier.

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On Friday's live stream, the Calgary Rebel discusses how Premier Danielle Smith electrified the Calgary Stampede, igniting a fervent atmosphere with her unwavering dedication to Alberta's prosperity. Hosting the Stampede breakfast, Smith showcased her leadership, emphasizing the United Conservative Party's (UCP) path to victory and revitalizing Alberta's economy.

Engaging with attendees, Smith rallied support from influential UCP members, including MLAs and ministers, as conversations revolved around securing a prosperous future for the province. A standout moment came when Rick McIvor called for a "boring, simple government," contrasting Trudeau's activist approach. Smith echoed this sentiment, stressing the need to empower Albertans without excessive government interference, which resonated powerfully with the enthusiastic crowd.

Discussions also centred on expediting Alberta's resources to tidewater and international markets. Smith emphasized streamlined pipeline projects and reduced regulatory obstacles, highlighting the significance of economic growth and job opportunities. The united front among provinces, irrespective of political affiliation, showcased a shared determination to counter federal interference.

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