David Menzies ASSAULTED at protest targeting Sir John A. Macdonald statue

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On Saturday, about 200 anti-colonialism “protesters” (“thugs” would be a better descriptor) gathered at City Park in Kingston, Ontario, to demand the removal of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue.

Oh, you didn’t know? Apparently our first prime minister was a racist and a white supremacist and was obsessed with carrying out genocide.

At least that’s what several of the signs indicated.

But when I tried to understand the reasoning and logic behind such claims, I found that, yet again, when it comes to the rank and file of wannabe Antifa thugs, they are unable to articulate their positions. (Which is to say they responded to queries by screaming slurs and using copious quantities of F-bombs.)

Indeed, when I visited the park, initially I didn’t even engage with any of the protesters. I listened to a few of the speakers who droned on incessantly about colonialism/racism/white supremacy/genocide and how horrible Canada is. My cameraman Mocha and I then walked about 60 metres away from the gathering to record an introduction to our video in front of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue.

But as I was reporting, various demonstrators, like ants to an open jam jar, creeped up to where we were stationed. And what followed next was a demand to “leave” the park, even though City Park is not private property and our only sin was practising journalism.

When we didn’t initially leave on our own accord, we were forced to do so as the inexplicably angry mob engaged in physical violence while trying to vandalize and even steal our equipment.

The irony was both profound and perverse:

These people were claiming to be anti-colonialism, and yet here they were literally taking ownership of a plot of land that did not belong to them and then engaged in violence to remove any interlopers who did not subscribe to their brand of groupthink… so, when you think about it, doesn’t that behaviour kind of sound like the worst sort of colonialism?

The mob then proceeded to throw eggs and rocks at the statue, whereupon it proceeded to march to City Hall to burn an effigy of Sir John. (Gracious, just think of those unnecessary CO2 emissions! Somewhere, Greta Thunberg weeps…)

In the final analysis, they never did realize their prime directive of actually tearing down the statue Prime Minister Macdonald. After all, accomplishing such a task would require some proficiency in engineering – and you weren't going to find that skillset with this particular imbecilic motley crew…

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