Deputy Greens leader sues Pauline Hanson over mean tweet

Senator Faruqi alleges the One Nation Leader breached Racial Discrimination Act, seeks $150,000 for charity and anti-racism education.

Deputy Greens leader sues Pauline Hanson over mean tweet
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Senator Mehreen Faruqi is suing Pauline Hanson for racial discrimination after the One Nation Leader tweeted that Faruqi should "pack your bags and piss off back to Pakistan". 

The Deputy Greens Leader alleges Hanson breached section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act which makes it unflawful to act in a way that might reasonably insult or humiliate someone on the basis of race or ethnicity. 

Faruqi is demanding Hanson pay $150,000 to a charity as well as undertake anti-racism education. 

In a statement released this week, Faruqi said she had "taken on bullies" her whole life and had no choice but to take on the One Nation leader. 

"I refuse to let Senator Hanson get away with racist bullying and harassment," she said. 

"Senator Hanson crossed a line when she tweeted those hateful comments and I am hoping the Federal Court puts an end to this pattern of bigotry.” 

Hanson’s remark to Faruqi was in reponse to a tweet the Green Senator posted after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Pakistan-born Faruqi said she would not mourn the Queen who "presided over a racist regime build on stolen land and stolen wealth." 

Hanson shot back that Austarlia had been good to Faruqi, giving her the chance to own multiple houses and work as a parliamentarian. She then said that if Faruqi didn’t like it in Australia, she should “pack your bags and piss off back to Pakistan”. 

Pauline Hanson has defended her comments and denied that she is racist. 

While Faruqi accuses Hanson of being a bully, Faruqi herself has a chequered past on the social media platform. 

She once posts a message that then Prime Minister Scott Morrison should “F___k off”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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