Dick Smith to sue ABC over 'full of lies' fact check

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith vows legal action against ABC over disputed fact check on nuclear power claims.

Dick Smith to sue ABC over 'full of lies' fact check
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Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith is taking legal action against the ABC after the national broadcaster's fact-checking unit challenged his stance on nuclear power.

Smith, known for his advocacy on various issues, including renewable energy, doubled down on his support for nuclear energy during an interview on Sydney's 2GB radio.

However, the RMIT ABC Fact Check disputed his claim, citing inaccuracies regarding Nepal's renewable energy reliance. Smith, infuriated by the alleged defamation, announced his intention to sue the ABC, stating:

"I'm going to sue them for defamation. If they don't correct it, I'm sending them a letter tomorrow with the corrections."

He called out the fact-checking unit for its purported errors, branding it "full of lies" during an interview on Sky News' Chris Kenny show. This move follows Smith's condemnation of the fact check as "absolutely disgusting" and "designed to discredit me."

The controversy adds to the criticism levelled at RMIT fact checkers, prompting the ABC to sever ties with the RMIT Fact Lab after a seven-year partnership. The ABC declined to comment on Smith's legal action.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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