Disgraced Australian fact-checking operation apologises to Dick Smith

The ABC reluctantly issues an apology and revises a contentious fact check regarding renewable energy.

Disgraced Australian fact-checking operation apologises to Dick Smith
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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has issued a formal apology to entrepreneur Dick Smith and made amendments to a controversial fact check concerning renewable energy.

The dispute arose after Smith's remarks on Sydney's 2GB radio, advocating for nuclear energy and disputing the feasibility of running an entire country on renewable energy alone.

The ABC's fact-checking unit initially cited Nepal as an example of a nation achieving 100 per cent renewable energy output, which Smith contested, highlighting Nepal's heavy reliance on biofuel burning.

Amid threats of legal action and accusations of damaging his reputation, Smith demanded corrections to the fact check.

The ABC, in its apology, acknowledged misrepresenting Smith's stance on renewables and failing to adequately contact him for clarification before publication.

The revised fact check now accurately reflects Smith's position on the broader energy mix and includes additional information on countries with fully renewable grids.

Smith's frustration over the ordeal was evident in his remarks to Australian media, where he vowed to pursue legal action if the inaccuracies weren't rectified promptly.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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