Dismissal of unvaccinated workers ruled 'reasonable' by labour arbitrator

The decision disregards bodily autonomy and rules in favour of behaviourally modified public perception instead of scientific evidence and rationale.

Dismissal of unvaccinated workers ruled 'reasonable' by labour arbitrator
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A British Columbia labour arbitrator has dismissed the appeal of terminated unvaccinated employees, stating it was “reasonable” to fire them even though the dismissal was divisive.

The firing of unvaccinated employees was said to reflect a “prevailing community view,” said arbitrator James Dorsey according to an article by Blacklock’s Reporter.

Dorsey further wrote:

There were personal, intense, and consequential differences about vaccination within families, friendship circles, and communities… When employers considered it appropriate and necessary to adopt a vaccination policy for its employees, they adopted the prevailing community view that vaccines were the best and necessary avenue to overcome the effects of the pandemic and its accompanying restrictions.

Dorsey ultimately dismissed the appeal by three Technical Safety BC employees who were being represented by the British Columbia General Employees’ Union. The safety organization has approximately 450 employees and a 99% vaccination compliance rate.

Despite union attempts to ensure medical choice in the workplace for its members, Dorsey wrote that “[T]he vaccination policy was an employer workplace rule unilaterally introduced by the employer and not agreed to by the Union.”

Dorsey justified the directive, calling the employer's safety mandate a “legitimate business interest.”

The three employees were working remotely and willing to be tested for COVID-19 at the time of their termination.

It’s now well documented that there is no difference between a COVID-19-vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person in terms of viral load and transmission risk.

Meanwhile, high-level bureaucrats studied how to best control the “safe and effective” narrative to conceal COVID-19 vaccine injuries, utilizing behvaviour science to sway the “prevailing community view” Dorsey cites.

This decision prioritizes public perception over evidence-based scientific considerations.

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