Top Bureaucrats sought to cover up COVID vaccine injuries to protect 'safe and effective' campaign

The Privy Council Office (PCO) sought 'behaviourally sound messaging' to downplay vaccine injuries, effectively suppressing anything that went against the COVID regime.

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The central agency of the federal government – tasked with governmental vision implementation, goals and decisions – had private internal communication that stipulated the need for “winning communications strategies” to ensure COVID-19 vaccine confidence in Canada.

Blacklock's Reporter revealed the access to information request that exposed a Privy Council Office (PCO) memo from May 2021, titled, Testing Behaviourally-Informed Messaging In Response To Severe Adverse Events Following Immunization, as detailed below:

“News reports of adverse events following immunization and the government’s response to them have a strong potential to influence public confidence in vaccines and their safety. The current study proactively tested the impact of various behaviourally-informed messaging strategies delivered through different messengers in response to a hypothetical AEFI [adverse events following immunization] incident. Its intent was to help prepare the government for response to potential AEFI’s, by identifying winning communications strategies to maximize public confidence in the government’s COVID regulatory regime, maximize public confidence in the safety of the COVID vaccine and further drive vaccination intentions.“

The memo suggested that communication around adverse events and deaths following the novel COVID-19 injections needed to be framed in such a way as to convey positive depictions of injury or death.

This is unsurprising given that the Government of Canada has an entire webpage dedicated to this – titled “Communicating Effectively About Immunization” – where they urge doctors to frame side effects as rare by saying “a vaccine is 99% safe” as opposed to “there is a 1% chance of side effects.”

The PCO memo was issued a mere five months after Health Canada authorized the novel COVID-19 biologics under emergency use legislation, with a rolling submission clause, so that safety data could literally roll in, in real-time.

Of course all of this occurred only after procurement minister Anita Anand signed secret government contracts with the vaccine manufacturers that likely waived liability for the rushed-to-market product.

The PCO memo was issued the same month that emergency room physician Patrick Phillip joined me to detail how all of his COVID-19 adverse events reports were rejected by his local medical officer of health due to arbitrary criteria, effectively filtering potentially valid reactions from the system completely.

The is the same bureaucracy that was using feelings of parental approval, not facts or scientific evidence to begin the push to vaccinate those under the age of 18 – a move that would eventually ricochet down to all age groups aged six months and up half way through 2022.

Yet by that point there was nearly a year's worth of COVID vaccine injury reports piling up.

Kevin Street suffered debilitating neurological effects after his AstraZeneca vaccine, with some provinces halting the use of this particular shot after reports of blood clots.

This was all happening at the exact same time that Trudeau’s most senior governmental agency sought out clear messaging intentions to downplay all of these reactions to ensure the public continued to do their part and line up in droves for their bought and paid for revolving door of shots.

The government used industrial strength mind control techniques on its own population to gain compliance with public health measures, as discussed with author and former cult member Nathan Segal in a report from July 2022.

Canada’s flip flopping Chief Medical Officer of Health and interest-conflicted WHO member, Dr. Theresa Tam, discussed nudges and rewards at a World Health Organization roundtable dedicated to “Behavioural Science for Better Health,” where bureaucrats detailed the ways in which they influence populations to behave
and comply.

As per a current snapshot from the newly formed tens of millions of dollars endeavour called the “Vaccine Injury Support Program" (VISP) there have been 1,299 claims of COVID-related vaccine reactions reported to the system between June 1, 2021 and December 1, 2022. The program was developed only two months after the PCO memo.

To add insult to injury, there is a massive amount of hoops and paperwork to jump through just to get a report recognized by that system. It’s taxing, if not impossible, on those suffering from neurological impairments – as detailed by Meredith Klitzke in a more recent interview in April 2023.

Predictably, the Medical Review Board of VISP has only approved 50 of those 1,299 claims.

As shown by Rebel News’ previous access to information requests, the Public Health Agency of Canada’s internal policy framework for the VISP program only expected to process 400 vaccine injury claims per year – a number that was capped 6 months into the program.

The taxpayer-funded program is being run by third-party consulting firm, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, who budgeted a cost of $32.3 million dollars over five fiscal years.

How much of this goes to the firm and administration versus how much is paid out to the injured is blacked out in the ATIP response.

As it stands now, VISP has paid out a total of nearly $2.8 million dollars in compensation for the one-and-a-half years that the program has run.

As per Health Canada’s reporting system (again that has questionable reliability as we know pharmaceutical adverse events tend to be severely underreported), as of “May 26, 2023 a total of 427 reports with an outcome of death were reported following [the COVID] vaccination.”

All of that for the rushed-to-market injections made possible through secret contracts and sold to the public as undoubtedly safe and effective.

As Canadians fund public and private inquiries into the conduct of the open and transparent Liberals, it sounds like we should add an inquiry into this potential cover up of injury and ask who is liable and what role pharmaceutical interference played in Canada’s COVID response?

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