Mind Control: Are you a victim of industrial strength mind control?

The health cartel has been conducting a massive psychological operation, otherwise known as a psy-op, on their populations throughout the COVID narrative.

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As early as last summer, news came out regarding a military “information campaign” that deployed propaganda techniques on Canadians.

This came to further fruition at a strategic roundtable hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) at the World Health Assembly (WHA), where Canadian Chief Public Health officer Theresa Tam was a panellist. The roundtable was called “Behavioural Science for Better Health” where unelected bureaucrats discussed nudges and rewards to gain compliance with whatever way they think you should behave.

After that report was published, writer Nathan Segal contacted me and shared a copy of his book titled "If You’ve Been Scared By The Coronavirus, You’re Suffering From the Effects of Mind Control."

The scrubbed-from-Amazon publication draws on the writings of Robert J. Lifton, an expert on cults and mind control. Segal discusses how his mind was captured by a religious cult in his late teens and how his parents had to work to de-program him with the help of a qualified therapist.

Segal further details the use of “industrial strength mind control techniques” that have been instrumental in gaining the compliance of the general public throughout the COVID narrative. Lockdowns and isolation are techniques used by cults. “Isolating people from the world and from their normal resources [coupled with] a bombardment 24/7 about the dangers of corona – all of that is designed to send people into a state of fear.”

Loaded language is another technique used to endorse us against the world. Segal reminds us of the importance of compassion while trying to navigate discussions with propagandized individuals.

Segal offers techniques to rebalance and reclaim your mind – from practical tips like grounding, the victory posture and anxiety-relieving exercises.

In the book, Segal argues that protests are worthless, elections are worthless, and lawsuits are worthless — because these only work in a civilized society.

Elaborating on this point, Segal says, “our politicians have become criminals, they are acting like street thugs… Canadians are dealing with bullies and in my opinion, what needs to happen is that Canadians need to get organized and march on Parliament because if we keep living this way we're going to keep getting the same abuse.” He refers to the push-back by British Columbia residents over the attempted HST hike and Iceland’s Pots and Pans Revolution to drive the point home.

Arguably, neither of those movements would have happened if the populations had not fallen victim to mind control.

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