Patient asserts sudden neurological disorder caused by COVID vaccine

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My most recent reports have showcased the seemingly absurd details and lack of oversight involved in the COVID injection rollout by Health Canada. You can watch these relevant reports here, here and here.

That’s why I’ve filed an Access to Information request with Health Canada. I want to see all of the data that they have used to justify the rollout of this injection to Canadian youth. When Dr. Jean Marc Benoit, who requested Health Canada’s quantitative risk assessment data, received a response stating that they are “building from the data in adults” to justify this injection for children, I knew that we had to see the documents. The story that I’m bringing you today proves it.

Kevin Street thought he was doing his part and wanted to get back to normal, so he went in for his jab. But it’s been over two months of misery and suffering since. Officially diagnosed with “functional neurological disorder,” Kevin has difficulty with his memory, has constant ringing in his ears and experiences extreme brain fog. But worst of all, he can barely walk.

All of Kevin’s labs, blood work, MRIs, tests, etc. come back clean. But, strangely, he cannot easily obtain his own medical records. So he was given a catch-all diagnosis and sent home with antidepressants to semi-sedate him mentally in hopes that his brain and body will eventually heal themselves. Oddly enough, Kevin has been advised against getting a second shot — but no doctor wants to put their name on the paperwork to actually file an adverse reaction report.

Left without answers and no risk management plan to deal with his vaccine reaction, Kevin wants fellow Canadians to heed his warning.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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