Feelings, not facts, driving Health Canada's push to vaccinate kids

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The risks posed to healthy people, namely adolescents and young adults, by Pfizer’s COVID-19 injection is starting to spread.

Germany’s vaccine advisory committee, known as STIKO, is “not currently recommending the use of the Pfizer vaccine for those aged 12-17 without pre-existing conditions.” Israel is looking into a probable heart condition link and the CDC is hosting an “emergency meeting” at the end of this week to discuss the same, while Ontario doctors start a probe into heart inflammation in teenagers post mRNA injection.

Meanwhile, Health Canada uses anecdotes and feelings to justify the rollout of this vaccine in Canadian youth.

The response received by a licensed physician I interviewed a few weeks ago when he pressed Health Canada for data is concerning.

Dr. Marc Benoit has been coming forward with valid concerns about Health Canada’s authorization under an interim order that is being utilized to administer the Pfizer injection to adolescents aged 12–18, which “provides temporary emergency authorization for COVID-19 drugs to address the pandemic."

Shortly after that interview, Dr. Benoit had a petition sponsored by MP Derek Sloan to have any and all COVID-19 injections suspended for use in children under the age of 18, citing the unknown repercussions of such experimentation in youth, including potential impairments to fertility, no long term safety data and chronic disease outcomes.

Dr. Benoit has contacted Health Canada requesting information on the quantitative risk versus benefit of vaccinating children with this experimental injection for an illness that is statistically unlikely to harm them. You can read through their word salad response here.

Even if there wasn’t over a year’s worth of data to start to draw from — somehow Health Canada thinks it’s totally fine to develop and administer emergency use injections with no long-term safety testing based on “limited understanding of the virus,” apparently using parental approval as an appropriate evaluation tool.

What kind of health agency does this to children? We’ve filed an Access to Information Request to find out. Please consider supporting that work here.

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