Docs reveal Chrystia Freeland's frantic call to Hillary Clinton after Roe v. Wade reversal

Despite the plethora of problems facing Canada — like inflation, housing and a cost-of-living crisis — the finance minister found time to call up the failed presidential candidate after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision.

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The American Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade prompted a panicked phone call between Chrystia Freeland and Hillary Clinton.

The finance minister, who seems unable to deal with inflation, interest rates, nazism, housing, has time to talk to someone who left office a decade ago about another country's abortion policies.

The call records, available through access to information filing by Rebel News, shows Freeland reaching out to the former senator-turned-failed-presidential candidate in the wake of the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision which made abortion a state issue, taking it back out the mandate of the American federal government,

The call documents, which misspell Clinton's name on page 4, promise to permit American women to come to Canada to access abortions.

As more abortion bans are enacted, it is expected that interstate travel for abortions will increase. Governors in states that have banned abortions have warned that they plan to prosecute women who have abortions out-of-state, as well as the abortion providers.
It is unclear how this would be operationalized and whether it would be legally viable. It is also possible that more Americans could travel to Canada for abortions. [Now former] Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino has instructed Canadian Border Services Agency officials to allow free passage to U.S. women seeking abortion.

The documents also demonstrate a federal policy that Americans may be billed for making Canada their abortion tourism destination.

Similar to other health services, Americans coming to Canada will be able to obtain abortions in Canada. Also similarly, those living outside of Canada would have to pay for the service out-of-pocket or through their personal health insurance.

There is an assertion to Clinton to attack Christian groups that provide support services to women and education rather than advice on obtaining abortions:

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to Introduce amendments to the Income Tax Act to make anti-abortion organizations that provide dishonest counselling to pregnant women about their rights and options ineligible for charitable status.

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See the documents:

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