Doctor explains the FLAWS with masks, lockdowns for COVID-19

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Mainstream media is quick to label those who question the narratives surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to lockdowns or masks.

But it's much harder to dismiss criticism of public health officials like Theresa Tam when the one lodging the complaints is a practising physician.

Despite the risk of the backlash from family, friends, employers, and even patients, more and more Canadian doctors are beginning to bring you educated opinions that contradict the “approved narrative” of what our un-elected health advisers tell us. 

While covering the Victoria “Freedom Protest” this past weekend, I had the opportunity to interview one such brave doctor. 

Dr. Stephen Malthouse, a physician who has been in practice for over 40 years, has recently started speaking out about COVID-19 restrictions that he says are not based on high-quality science. Dr. Malthouse has even formally addressed B.C.’s provincial health officer in an open letter to express concerns he told me he was prepared to lose his license over. 

Watch my full report to see what Dr. Malthouse has to say!

We’ve definitely taken a wrong turn somewhere when experienced doctors like Stephen Malthouse have to contemplate losing their medical license if they dare question the mainstream narrative on COVID-19.

That’s where we at Rebel News try and help. We give people like Dr. Malthouse a platform to share his medical opinions rather than suppress them, allowing other doctor’s who have the same concerns to know they are not alone.

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