Dutch farmers blockade highway, hold BBQ; Police arrive, hand out cookies

After forming a convoy and blockading a highway, Dutch farmers protesting climate policies held a barbecue, where even the police joined in the festive spirit.

Dutch farmers blockade highway, hold BBQ; Police arrive, hand out cookies
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The Dutch Farmer Rebellion continues to roll on, with our Rebel News team capturing scenes reminiscent of the Freedom Convoy protest that happened in Ottawa this past winter.

After interviewing some of the protesting farmers last night in the town of Marum, our team announced their plans to stay in the country for at least a little while longer.

Today, the farmers' protests against the radical climate policies Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is enacting kicked off early. Rebel News' Lincoln Jay and Lewis Brackpool, along with the Post Millennial's Katie Daviscourt, who is freelancing with our team, are following a convoy of tractors.

And sure enough, during the early hours in North America, the tractors were on the move, apparently to assemble with other groups to form an even larger demonstration.

Lewis Brackpool even found himself embedded in one of the tractors as it formed up with other protesters.

As our team travelled with the tractors, more farmers slowly arrived in the eastern Dutch city of Almelo.

While at the blockade, Daviscourt explained that the farmers had chosen the location because it was a government building that does not have to comply with the same policies being forced onto farmers.

The farmers eventually began blocking a highway, something that has occurred multiple times since the protests began.

Because of the blockade, police arrived on the scene — handing out cookies to some of the farmers, oddly enough.

At the site of the blockade in Almelo, Lincoln Jay went live to show what the situation actually looks like on the ground in the Netherlands.

In footage capture by Daviscourt, the protesters are even set up grills at the blockade, something that conjures memories of the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa.

Brackpool expanded on the barbecue, setting the scene for a long-form video that is in production.

Jay, meanwhile, managed to provide a bird's-eye view of the blockade.

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