Electric vehicle owners warned over dangerous practice

Sydney council clamps down on 'unsafe' charging

Electric vehicle owners warned over dangerous practice
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Sydney residents have been told to stop running extension cords across footpaths to charge their electric vehicles.

Mosman Council reacted angrily after photographs of EVs being charged by power cords running across gardens, over pedestrian thoroughfares, and even through trees, were circulated on social media.

A Mosman Council spokesperson told Sky News they were urging EV users to take their vehicles to charging stations rather than attempt to power them on the street.

“Connecting power to a vehicle by running cables across footpaths or other public spaces is potentially unsafe to the public,” the spokesperson said.

“Mosman residents can use one of the electric vehicle fast charging stations.”

A NSW Fire and Rescue spokesperson said dangling extension cords through trees and over fences created a fire risk.

“I think when you’ve got cables going across metal fences, through trees and out to a vehicle, coming off household power, it’s not ideal, it’s not good practice,” he said.

“As time goes on and equipment wears out, it adds to the fire risk of the home. There’s nothing to protect it from the weather, the elements, and vandals.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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