Embattled opposition leader accuses media of campaign against him

Victoria's Opposition Leader John Pesutto has lashed out at the media, denying his leadership is on the line at a party room meeting.

Embattled opposition leader accuses media of campaign against him
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Opposition Leader John Pesutto has vehemently rejected claims of leadership instability within the Liberal Party, accusing the media of orchestrating a smear campaign against him.

In a heated confrontation with journalists, Pesutto condemned what he perceived as a double standard in media scrutiny between his party and the government.

Despite heightened speculation about his leadership, Pesutto dismissed these concerns as media fabrications, asserting that neither his colleagues nor party members have raised any issues regarding his leadership or the defamation cases he faces.

"We just want fair treatment in the media," Pesutto complained, highlighting what he claims is biased reporting against the opposition.

He criticised the media for allegedly applying stricter standards to his party while letting the government off lightly.

Pesutto's outburst follows revelations of escalating talks within the party about potential leadership challenges.

The embattled leader's frustrations come amid mounting legal challenges, including three defamation actions related to his decision to expel Moira Deeming from the party. Despite the distractions posed by the legal battles, Pesutto affirmed his commitment to his role as opposition leader and vowed to lead the Liberal Party and coalition into the 2026 election.

As Pesutto prepares for a pivotal party room meeting, he urged his colleagues to avoid engaging in internal party politics.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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