“End the lockdown!” say thousands gathered at Alberta legislature protest

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Over 2,000 people took to the steps of the Alberta legislature on Monday over the lunch hour to protest the provincial government’s third COVID lockdown. Representatives from business, medical, faith, amateur sports and civil liberties organizations took to the podium to call for an end to the pandemic restrictions. Maxime Bernier, of the People’s Party of Canada and the End the Lockdown Caucus from Liberty Coalition Canada, was the keynote speaker.

After the peaceful event, Premier Jason Kenney denounced the protesters as “unhinged” and “conspiracy theorists” in response to the crowd chanting “lock her up,” referring to Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw. The chant is reminiscent of the one chanted at Trump rallies about Hillary Clinton, however, no one has ever been locked up after a crowd has repeated those three words in unison.

Unlike the premier, from his sterile perch in his fancy taxpayer funded office, Rebel News was out at the protest, talking to the people about why they were willing to risk a $1,200 fine for being part of an illegal gathering to express their objections to how the government has handled the coronavirus.

Many people told Rebel News they were sick of the separation from their families, tired of constant fearmongering, angry about the harm being inflicted on small businesses, worried about how ongoing isolation is hurting kids, and fed up with the government calling people who disagree with the lockdown names.

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