Enforce a vaccine passport? “Absolutely not. Never,” says Edmonton church

Sheila Gunn Reid talks to Rodney and Tracy Fortin of Edmonton's Church in the Vine about their decision to issue religious exemptions for COVID vaccines.

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Rodney and Tracy Fortin of Church in the Vine are fighting vaccine passports, by providing written religious exemptions to the desperate souls who reach out to them for help.

The Fortins have been a bright light in the Christian resistance to the government lockdown on churches and places of worship here in Alberta from the very beginning. Tracy even faces a dozen obstruction tickets for preventing authorities from entering the sanctuary to defile the services led by her husband.

Inspectors from Alberta Health Services have repeatedly demanded entry into the church on Sundays to inspect for COVID compliance — including masking, social distancing and limits on attendance. Rebel News is helping the Fortins and Church in the Vine fight those lockdown tickets in court through crowdfunding, a partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund and the assistance of their great lawyer, James Kitchen.

And now the Fortins are helping Christians keep their jobs, stay in school and watch their kids play sports by writing religious exemption letters for the vaccine passport mandates that are being enforced in workplaces, schools and other so-called non-essential places and activities. This isn't to say that the Fortins write letters to all comers. It's quite the opposite. They do the work to assess the sincerity of the applicant in a way that only a pastor, priest or religious leader could or should — as opposed to some unelected bureaucrat or a secular politician running a religious inquisition of a stranger.

The pair say they do this out of Christian charity — to love their neighbours, to show compassion and to shepherd a flock through times of crisis. They do this to resist the dividing of people into the clean and unclean — the vaccinated and the new lepers.

To help Rodney and Tracy fight their tickets for not allowing the government to disrupt church services, please donate at www.FightTheFines.com.And to help us fight medical segregation by taking on 20 strategic lawsuits against the vaccine mandates in jurisdictions across Canada, please donate at www.FightVaccinePassport.com.

Donations to both projects qualify for a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity that works to advance the civil liberties of all Canadians.

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  • By David Menzies

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