EXCLUSIVE: Where is Othman Hamdan, the ISIS supporting jihadi instructor released in British Columbia?


For a week, I was embedded in Enderby, British Columbia.

It is a small town of less than 3000 people. Most folks have lived here for generations – something that can’t be said for Enderby’s newest resident: Othman Hamdan, a Jordanian ISIS supporter known for posting pro-ISIS advice to terrorists on Facebook.

How did he get here? Who is he staying with? What does he even look like? And why, of all places, was Enderby turned into the sacrifice community where our senseless judicial system dumped this terrorist supporter on an unsuspecting community?

Our Rebel team pieced together the clues, and we painstakingly uncover what the courts have tried to keep hidden. In this exclusive Rebel News documentary, I talk with the owner of the mountain compound where he’s holed up, speak to the Mayor and other residents about how the community is handling this scandal — and even speak face to face with Othman Hamdan himself.