EXCLUSIVE: Docs show CBC president pushed Twitter to censor its critics

Not only is the CBC a government propaganda outlet, it wanted Twitter to bow to its definition of 'misinformation,' explains Ezra Levant.

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Yesterday marked World Press Freedom Day, a day that should serve as a reminder that censorship continues to plague Canadian society. Just last week, the Senate passed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Internet censorship bill, C-11, now officially known as the Online Streaming Act.

With this as the backdrop, Rebel News boss Ezra Levant unveiled exclusive access to information documents on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show

These documents revealed that senior executives at CBC, including its president, Catherine Tait, engaged in a campaign of pressuring Twitter into censoring its critics.

After a meeting was held between Twitter and CBC to discuss these issues, Tait sent a letter to then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey demanding a personal meeting.

In this correspondence, she then makes a vague threat to pull advertising dollars from the platform, writing: “given our business relationship with your company, I found this response not only unhelpful but quite frankly rude.”

Translating the corporate speak into more plain language, Ezra said this really meant: “We spend thousands of dollars on advertising on Twitter, you'd better make this right or we will boycott you.”

Speaking further about the “offending content” Tait was complaining about, Ezra explained:

Oh, so it's not hateful anymore. It's certainly not illegal or dangerous, it's just what they disagree with — “misleading,” “unhelpful.” The CBC is literally trying to censor things that they declare to be misinformation.

Again, that is Trudeau's tactic now too.

Since when is the CBC in charge of censoring other media? And not for anything hateful or harassing, they're not trying that line here again. They're just saying things that they deemed to be misinformation.

So the CBC is not only a propaganda organ itself, they want Twitter to follow their instructions.

You can read all of the exclusive documents below (click here if the document won't load):

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