EXCLUSIVE! Nurse claims: No coronavirus emergency in Ontario hospitals

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If you believe the Wuhan virus hype perpetuated by so many in positions of authority and in the Media Party, you’d think that the hospitals of the world are overflowing with those infected with the coronavirus; that the nation’s emergency personal can barely keep up with the demands of tending to dying patients; that the healthcare system is practically fraying apart at the seams.

But is this truly what’s happening?

Indeed, you may be surprised to hear my interview with a nurse who works at an Ontario hospital, because she paints a vastly different picture pertaining to the situation on the ground, at least at the hospital she works at.

In fact, at her hospital, personnel are so bored because on many days they have nothing to do as they await for a tsunami of COVID-19 cases that never materializes…

Medical personnel sent home early from quiet hospitals

And so it is that sometimes medical personnel are actually paid to go home early! It sounds so unbelievable, but she swears this is actually happening. And the really sad part is that people who desperately need elective surgery are waiting at home, too.

Just a heads-up, though: we are not identifying this nurse nor revealing the name of the hospital she works at or even the municipality the hospital is located in. That’s because she does not have the authorization to speak out – and we certainly don’t want to see our whistle-blower terminated.

In any event, what she has to say make might make you rethink how this pandemic has been handled – i.e., that perhaps there is no “one size fits all” solution; that maybe there are profound differences when dealing with a pandemic if one lives in, say, New York City as opposed to rural northern Alberta?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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