Ontario school board endorses racial segregation at parent-teacher meet in Cambridge

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Tonight, Mission Specialist David Menzies guest hosts the Ezra Levant Show, where he uncovers more absurdity from the Loony Left.

In Cambridge, Ontario, Galt Collegiate Institute and Vocational School marketed a black-exclusive parent-teacher night for “families and caregivers of African and Caribbean and Black identifying (ACB) students.”

Billed as “Black Parent Information Night Cambridge,” the Waterloo Region District School Board, who staged the event, has unironically endorsed racial segregation in its latest misstep.

I reached out to the publicly funded school board with an inquiry as follows:

  • What is the ostensible reason for having a racially segregated parent information night?
  • Given that this event is indeed segregated by race, is this not a form of racism given that others are excluded?
  • Are there going to be other parent information nights based on race? (i.e., Asian, Caucasian, etc.)
  • Will there be other parent information nights based on religion and sexual orientation/identification?
  • What does “Black identifying” mean? Does this mean that someone who is not black but identifies as black would be allowed to attend?
  • I noticed one of the topics up for discussion is “progressive discipline.” Can you inform me what this means?

Unsurprisingly, I received no response in their latest attempt to dodge accountability from parents, taxpayers and the free press.

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