Executive Director of Project Confederation Josh Andrus talks about economics and affordability

Alberta’s provincial election is a few weeks away, and the decisions our politicians make with economic policies is what will determine the future of our province.

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Alberta’s provincial election is four weeks away. In the height of the political battle of Alberta between UCP candidate Danielle Smith and NDP’s Rachel Notley, people are highly focused on the issues that need to be addressed in this province.

Some of the larger areas of discussion are economics and affordability.

Albertans have experienced great days where oil and gas were booming, but unfortunately, Albertans have also experienced the downturn of the oil and gas industry in the last few years due to destructive policies and the faults of politicians.

The loyalty of these politicians do not lie with the people, but with the ones who are pulling the strings behind them, rushing in Klaus Schwab's "Great Reset."

That being said, all industries additionally took a big hit due to the draconian lockdown measures, leaving city centers empty and causing many businesses to shut down.

In this interview I am joined by Josh Andrus, Executive Director of Project Confederation, a subsidiary of the Alberta Institute to discuss factors around Alberta’s economics and the policies that can benefit the province.

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