Experts slam Victoria's 'misleading' Covid-19 death data

New findings suggest data manipulation in categorising 'unvaccinated' and 'unknown' vaccination statuses.

Experts slam Victoria's 'misleading' Covid-19 death data
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The recent release of a Victorian health report had painted a concerning picture. Nearly half of the state's recent COVID-19 fatalities were reportedly unvaccinated, a significant claim given they form a minute segment of the Victorian populace. However, a deeper probe via freedom of information has unveiled notable discrepancies in these figures.

While the mainstream consensus remains unchanged – COVID-19 vaccines have unquestionably saved millions worldwide and thousands within Australia – the presentation of this data has been dubbed 'misleading' by experts.

Victorian authorities had grouped both the 'unknown' and 'unvaccinated' cases together in their public documentation. Professor Julie Leask, an expert from the University of Sydney, noted that errors of this nature can erode trust in vaccination initiatives. 

In January, then-Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton's office disclosed that almost 47% of the recent 958 COVID fatalities in Victoria were unvaccinated. A re-examination revealed a major overestimation. Updated records indicated that merely 239 of the reported deaths were either unvaccinated or their status was yet to be determined. 

James Trauer from Monash University emphasised that the original assertion was a misrepresentation of the true scenario. 

This episode underscores the necessity for the forthcoming Australian Centre of Disease Control to introduce consistent, transparent reporting methodologies across all states. Professor Adrian Esterman, an epidemiologist, hopes for standardised definitions and statistics from this new entity. 

As of now, the Victorian Health Department has ceased publishing the vaccination statuses of the deceased but hasn’t rectified or clarified existing online updates.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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