Ezra Levant joins Alex Stein to discuss the current state of affairs in dystopian Canada

The Rebel commander discusses everything from cancel culture to the bullying qualities of Canada’s prime minister and his globalist-comprised cabinet.

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Rebel commander Ezra Levant was a guest on last night's April 25 episode of Prime Time with Alex Stein.

They kicked off the discussion by recounting the unprecedented invocation of the Emergencies Act by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to quell the notoriously peaceful, albeit politically embarrassing, trucker protest that took to the nation's capital in early 2022.

“They didn’t riot, they didn’t have any firearms, they just honked their horns and committed parking violations. Imagine a tyrant who would throw a country under martial law for that?” points out Levant.

Levant further condemned the tyrannical actions seen by the Trudeau government.

“They seized bank accounts and crypto accounts based on whoever the [mainstream] media said was out,” he said while noting that there was no legal process or police investigation involved before doing so.

“Trudeau pretends he’s nice in polite company but in fact he’s a bit of a bully,” says Levant.

Stein pointed out that Canada is essentially the beta program for the imposition of a New World Order, likely referring to rapidly evolving globalization resulting in a concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a few elite oligarchs.

To this Levant responded by elaborating on the intertwinement of Canada’s senior-level officials with the likes of the World Economic Forum – an international organization that is said to be committed to improving the state of the world by engaging political, business and cultural leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

“I think Canada is deep into the World Economic Forum, for example. Our deputy prime minister is a trustee on the board of governor for the World Economic Forum, her name is Chrystia Freeland. Her job before becoming an MP [member of parliament] was to be George Soros’ authorized biographer – Trudeau’s first big foreign visit was to the World Economic Forum where he met Soros.

These are not rumours, this is who he is. He’s like Jacinda Ardern, the ex New Zealand PM [Prime Minister]. Canada is like laboratory of bad ideas that Americans should take as a cautionary tale. Whether it’s censorship, carbon taxes, globalism, gun control, you name it. Look to Canada as a warning, not as a manual, but to learn from to save yourselves,” explained Levant.

Levant further pointed out the use of “damnatio memoriae,” a Latin phrase meaning condemnation of memory. Ezra explained:

“It’s obliterating your enemies from history. It would be like taking every picture of Obama or Clinton and every photo has to be destroyed; every statue has to be destroyed, every law they ever passed has to be repealed to remove the memory. To damn the memory – that's the literal translation – that's what they're trying to do. That's canceled culture in it original sense – damn the memory of people you don't like.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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