Ezra reacts to Keean being pushed out of Alberta legislature

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In this clip from today's Livestream Ezra Levant discussed the incident that saw an Alberta legislature sheriff that push Rebel News' Keean Bexte out of the building at the behest of an NDP MLA. And for what reason? All for the terrible, terrible crime of attempting to do journalism. 

"Was it you that touched me?" Keean asked, after being shoved by one sheriff. "Yes," the officer casually responded. When pressed for a reason why the use of force, Keean was told, "because you were asked to leave." Great rationale for an officer doing the bidding of a political party. 

Just like the bad old days, NDP political hacks are directing men with guns to keep our journalists out of a public building. Ezra had this to say about the possible assault:

"The definition of assault and battery does not require you to feel a certain level of pain before it kicks in. And the thing about police is they have certain powers under the law, even powers greater than you or i have. but because of that it's all the more important that they follow the law. Power plus control, not power that's out of control. And if these sheriff's put their hands on Keean in an unlawful way, while purporting to be doing so lawfully, that's a big problem. And that's something that may result in a civil suit or a police complaints action. We don't know yet."

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  • By Ezra Levant

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