Family of 11 fled Canada due to left-wing ideology and economic concerns

In a recent interview, Arend Feenstra, along with his family of 11 members, shared their journey and reasons for leaving Canada. The decision was driven by a combination of economic pressures and ideological disagreements with the direction the country was heading.

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Arend Feenstra and his wife made the decision to relocate to Russia due to its similar weather and land opportunities. When asked about their decision to leave Canada and seek a better place to rebuild their lives, Feenstra expressed concerns about the changing landscape of Canada, stating, "We saw a Canada that was almost unrecognizable from where we grew up."

He highlighted increasing authoritarian rules and economic challenges, including rising costs of living and unaffordable land prices.

Moreover, Feenstra cited ideological differences, particularly regarding the education system, as a factor in their decision to leave. He expressed discomfort with what he perceived as the promotion of left-wing ideology and LGBTQ+ agendas in schools, stating, "There's a lot of left-wing ideology, LGBTQ, trans, just a lot of things that we don't agree with that they teach there now."

The family's decision to move to Russia was influenced by Russia's economic stability and what Feenstra perceived as a commitment to traditional family values. He noted, "Russia seems to be the only country fighting for traditional family values," contrasting it with Western countries' increasing debt and ideological shifts.

Regarding negative media attention, Feenstra remained unfazed, stating, "They can say whatever they want. It doesn't really matter." He encouraged people to seek the truth through their YouTube channel, where they document their journey and lifestyle.

Despite their move, Feenstra expressed a willingness to consider returning to Canada if conditions improved, stating, "Consideration is always there." However, he emphasized the need for political and ideological change within the country.

The Feenstra family's story reflects broader concerns about economic sustainability and ideological tensions within Canada, prompting discussions about the direction of the country and its impact on its citizens.

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