Federal Government forced to admit to years' worth of social media censorship

New data, obtained via order paper inquiry, details seven years of stifling and monitoring Canadians through hundreds of separate take-down requests across multiple platforms at the hands of the Trudeau Liberal government.

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The new inquiry, posed by Conservative MP Dan Albas, required the whole of government to detail attempts to remove social media posts by individual ministries and agencies since 2016.

Weeks ago, in a similar order paper response, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada was forced to admit it had petitioned Twitter and Facebook to censor reporting in the Toronto Sun.

The ministry complained that an article by columnist Lorne Gunter contained "serious errors of fact risking [and] undermining public confidence in the independence of the board as well as the integrity of the refugee determination system."

Neither social media company complied.

Employment and Social Development Canada sent several demands to Twitter to remove accounts promoting fake vaccine certificates. ESDC demanded Twitter censor at least three posts of individuals saying they had adverse reactions to the vaccine

Global Affairs says they only started tracking their takedown requests in May 2022 - not that the ministry didn't have any censorship requests prior.

Health Canada's list demanded that Facebook remove posts on Covid restrictions and a video showing a PHAC employee.

The Public Health Agency of Canada's list of requests was almost all Tweets for the crime of "offensive language."

The Immigration Review Board, under IRCC, denied any take-down requests, despite a previous admission of asking for a Toronto Sun column to be censored.

CBC did not answer because it would require an extensive search.

The Privy Council Office also denied any takedown requests, which is contradicted by documents provided to the Public Order Emergency Inquiry wherein bureaucrats contacted social media companies to get convoy material removed.

The Treasury Board replied it does not have the power to remove social media accounts, yet also submitted two pages of demands that social media companies censor posts, including LinkedIn comments sections.

Rebel News has filed for supplemental access to information documents to investigate the scope of Liberal censorship tactics. To offset filing and research costs, visit www.RebelInvestigates.com to make a donation.

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