Feds continue 'wasting so much money' in unchecked spending spree

'Canadians are struggling... right now is the worst possible time for the federal government, for Trudeau, to be taking more money out of our pockets,' said Franco Terrazzano.

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On last night’s episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by Franco Terrazzano from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to discuss how the federal government has continued spending wastefully despite increasing inflation and cost of living for everyday Canadians.

Mr. Terrazzano described how over 300,000 bureaucrats received pay raises during lockdowns and pointed out how the federal government has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to companies such as Bombardier.

As stated by Mr. Terrazzano, "In 2018, the federal government was spending all-time highs, even after accounting for inflation and population changes, which means that the Trudeau government, before COVID-19, was spending more money than the feds did during any single year during World War II."

He went on to say, "Unfortunately, we're not seeing any real meaningful attempt to cut spending. We're seeing the exact opposite... they should start with stopping giving themselves pay raises every single year while everyone else struggles."

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