Feds hold back records on Theresa Tam's role at World Health Organization

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What is the Public Health Agency of Canada hiding about Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam?

We now know through Rebel News’ exclusive access to information reporting that Tam knew as early as January 2020 that China was lying about the coronavirus.

Health Committee documents reveal that the Public Health Agency of Canada, led by Tam, knew that there was person-to-person spread of the coronavirus in China as early as January 15, 2020.

And yet, at the exact same time, the World Health Organization was still saying that there was no clear evidence of person-to-person spread.

So why did Theresa Tam ignore her own agency, and the advice of her own bureaucrats, and react the exact same way the Chinese-compromised WHO did? Tam advised against closing the borders, and the Liberals just let the virus fly right in and shut down Canada.

Well, that’s because Tam is one of seven members of the Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee for the WHO Health Emergencies Programme. She works for the WHO, then she works for Canada. If you look at all of her decisions through that lens, then they start to make sense.

Now, I wanted to know all about Tam and her agency’s dealings with the WHO. What other decisions, including those we may not know about, have been infected by the WHO and its failed China-centric mission?

Well, we asked.

Through access to information requests asking that Public Health provide “copies of all documents regarding Dr. Theresa Tam’s role with the World Health organization's Covid-19 IHR - or the International Health Regulations Secretariat - emergency committee and any documents referencing the ending or changing of that role since January 1st 2020.”

The response: the Public Health Agency will need up to 135 more days to complete our request… because of the “large number of records” involved.

The feds want us to believe that Dr. Tam is able to operate independently of her role at the WHO, but the number of records relating to my inquiry at the federal agency she works for seems to tell me otherwise.

I’ll keep asking. I’ll keep waiting. And as soon as I have any further information about Tam’s dealings with the WHO while also on the job for Canada, I’ll report them to you here at Rebel News.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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