Former Australian Prime Ministers join global group backed by Jordan Peterson

Tony Abbott and John Howard among prominent Australians joining The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship conference in London.

Former Australian Prime Ministers join global group backed by Jordan Peterson
Former Aussie PMs Tony Abbott and John Howard / ABC
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Former Australian Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard are among six prominent Australians who have joined a global group known as The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC).

The group, led by Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has gathered high-profile figures from various sectors for its inaugural three-day conference in London.

The conference, scheduled for late October, aims to explore metaphysical, cultural, and practical issues, while also discussing policy implementation.

The committee of ARC includes Australia's shadow defense minister, Andrew Hastie, and former deputy prime minister, John Anderson. 

ARC has prominent shareholders including the Dubai-based investment management group Legatum Ventures and British investor Sir Paul Marshall, who together with Legatum, are major investors in GB News, a rising alternative news outlet established in 2021.

The vision of ARC, outlined in a "statement of vision and interpretation," revolves around six fundamental questions encompassing energy, environmental stewardship, families, and societies.

Peterson emphasises the importance of not implementing energy policies that penalise the absolute poor and advocates for granting developing nations the opportunities that affluent nations have enjoyed.

The vision document suggests that with careful planning and attention, humanity can create abundance and opportunity for all.

It also raises crucial questions about valuing and nurturing long-term, peaceful, child-centered relationships, highlighting the significance of psychological integrity and social stability.

Peterson asserts that the nuclear family, characterised by committed, stable, marriages sanctified by the community, serves as a model for achieving these goals.

John Howard has expressed his broad alignment with ARC's objectives and confirmed his participation in the conference. As a self-proclaimed climate change agnostic, Howard has consistently supported Britain's exit from the European Union.

Other notable Australians in the group include former LNP senator Amanda Stoker and Howard-era chief scientist Prof Robin Batterham.

South Australian Liberal senator Alex Antic has declared on the register of interests that ARC is covering his expenses, including return airfare, accommodation, and incidental hospitality for attending the conference in London.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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