Sydney university defends 'Intifada' chants as concerns grow for Jewish students

The University of Sydney maintains its contentious stance on 'Intifada' chants, claiming no inherent violence.

Sydney university defends 'Intifada' chants as concerns grow for Jewish students
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The University of Sydney stands firm in its assertion that the Arabic word "Intifada" does not necessarily imply violence, despite recent protests on campus.

A group of students, accompanied by families with young children, participated in an anti-Israel demonstration, chanting slogans including "Intifada."

Despite criticism, the university's Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Student Affairs office reaffirmed its position, claiming that not every use of the word carries violent connotations.

Shadow education minister Sarah Henderson condemned the university's stance, citing concerns for the safety of Jewish students and staff. She called for government intervention to address the university's failure to acknowledge the violent nature of the chants.

This controversy follows an incident where visiting staff from the University of Tel Aviv were barricaded by anti-Israel protesters at the University of Sydney. Henderson labelled the university's response to anti-Israel sentiment as chaotic and urged the Education Minister to take decisive action.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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