Furious Ontario farmers deliver letters to MPs slamming carbon tax

The 'axe the carbon tax' tractor convoy hit the road in Ontario on a mission to deliver letters to three Liberal MPs. Alas, the constituency office doors of these MPs remained locked as staffers hid inside…

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Last Tuesday, tractor-driving farmers and their allies piloting more conventional cars and trucks hit the road to protest the debilitating carbon tax.

Their odyssey began in the little township of Manilla and concluded at a strip plaza in Pickering. En route, letters were delivered to the constituency offices of three Liberal MPs: Ryan Turnbull in Whitby, Mark Holland, Minister of Health, in Ajax and Jennifer O’Connell in Pickering.

Not that any staffer at these offices made themselves available, mind you. These hardworking farmers were undoubtedly looked upon as so many members of the “fringe minority” espousing “unacceptable views.”

And so it was that the Liberal staffers locked the doors to their constituency offices, refusing to meet with the farmers and once again making a mockery of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise back in 2015 that his government would be the most transparent in Canadian history.

Indeed, on this day, transparency was once again eclipsed by cowardice and unjustified fears of peaceful protesters who pay the salaries of the governing Liberals.

On the plus side, these staffers didn’t call the police. That’s because the police were already there. Giving credit where it is due, members of the Durham Regional Police Service did not make any arrests, but rather, safely escorted the convoy on its journey. This was much appreciated by the convoy participants.

And if these Liberal Party minions had taken the time to meet with the farmers, they might have had more empathy for their plight.

Commodity organizations for grains, horticulture, livestock, and various other crops have been asking for the elimination of the carbon tax increase. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the carbon tax on all agriculture and food production.

Indeed, the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) estimate that by 2030, Ontario grain and oilseed farmers alone will pay a staggering $2.7 billion in carbon taxes. This is highly problematic. Farming is challenging enough these days given higher input costs and the rising cost of labour. The last thing struggling farmers need is a tax being implemented solely for nonsensical virtue signalling reasons.

Of note, these farmers are not going away anytime soon, vowing further demonstrations will take place in the weeks ahead.

Rebel News was on hand to cover the convoy from the beginning and interview participants at the conclusion. Check out what they had to say about a tax that is increasingly making the practice of horticulture unsustainable... not that Justin Trudeau seems to care, mind you.

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