Gabriel Finochio's TheosU app helps Christians understand the Bible

Finochio spoke with Rebel News about Big Tech's COVID-19 censorship and how Christians can embrace the culture wars.

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I sat down with Gabriel Finochio, the co-founder of TheosU, an app that creates digestible courses to help Christians contextually understand the Bible, all for the price of Netflix.

He has been outspoken about the COVID-19 narrative throughout the pandemic and was recently deleted off Instagram for sharing personal testimonies from women about irregularities in their menstruation after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since the interview, he had not yet gained access to his account but recently created a backup which you can follow right here.

We also discuss the importance of Christians embracing culture and engaging in politics, his meme account Woke Jesus, and the importance of living boldly for Christ.

To learn more about Gabriel and his app, click here or go to

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