WATCH: Judge SCOLDS dishonest cops as freedom fighter wins case

Court rules police evidence inadmissible, in a significant victory for Melbourne's Nick Patterson as prosecution drops its case.

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A Melbourne court has declared crucial police evidence inadmissible, marking a significant victory for Nick Patterson, a prominent figure in Victoria's fight for freedom.

Following a tumultuous legal battle, which we've covered extensively at Rebel News, Patterson emerged triumphant with the prosecution now completely dropping its case against him.

Nick, known for his activism against harsh COVID-19 restrictions, was at the centre of a legal saga stemming from a protest incident where he and his companions were confronted by law enforcement.

He endured 29 days in jail and faced serious charges, including violent offences against police.

However, a recent court ruling delivered a blow to the prosecution's case. During a five-day pretrial hearing, Nick's legal team successfully argued for the exclusion of key evidence under section 138 of the Evidence Act. This evidence, including police statements and video footage, was deemed inadmissible due to allegations of police targeting and deliberate misconduct.

The presiding judge highlighted discrepancies between police statements and the actual events captured on body-worn cameras. Contrary to police claims, the footage revealed no aggressive behaviour from Patterson or his associates. Instead, it portrayed police initiating the altercation and employing excessive force.

In a scathing rebuke, the judge denounced the police's conduct as reckless and arbitrary, noting their failure to adhere to legal procedures. The ruling underscored the importance of upholding civil liberties and condemned any unwarranted use of force by law enforcement.

Following the court's decision, Nick expressed his intention to pursue legal action against the police, both civilly and criminally. He remains resolute in his stance against injustice and urges others to stand firm in defending their rights.

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