Gender based analysis docs: Indigenous women WANT to work in resource sector!

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After Canada's former Environment Minister, now Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna shoehorned gender concerns into the approvals process, every major new energy project has to undergo a Gender-Based Analysis.

And the public has responded to this announcement by attempting to find out a “Gender-Based Analysis Plus” means through submitting Access to Information reports. In a proactive release responding to an unknown question filer, Natural Resources Canada was asked:

“I'm looking to access any draft or final versions of the Gender-Based Analyses that took place for Site C and for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, as well as any documents pertaining to the analyses.”

And their response was to hand back hundreds of pages, mostly redacted, to the point where only 37 pages in total were readable.

Just 37 pages of analysis available to the public on two major projects combined? Either the Liberals are not turning over all the information, or they don’t know what the GBA+ is either, but they know it sounds like a feminist thing to do.

However, we also see a couple of facts that don’t support the Liberals’ and the green movement’s attacks on the resource sector.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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