Get it together, CBC! Let's compare Kamala coverage to Leslyn Lewis, Sarah Palin

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Jen White, a CBC journalist from St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, says she was literally crying tears of joy over Kamala Harris. 

White tweeted her feminist sob-fest Sunday from her official CBC account, one that has her CBC bio and CBC email address attached to it: 

“I can’t stop crying. What a momentous day! Thank you, Kamala, for smashing that glass ceiling, As a woman, I am so proud and so hopeful for all the little girls and young women out there. It’s been a rough year, but the future just got brighter. #thefutureisfemale.”

Get it together, Jen. 


The tweet is now deleted, but it remains an example of the CBC’s extreme political bias and their sexist treatment of conservative women. Jen White is the story today, she is but a symptom of a bigger disease at the CBC.

CBC published an article in 2008 that vilified Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, a woman running for the second-highest office in the land, 12 full years before Kamala Harris.

According to the Star

The CBC has issued an apology and retraction for posting a controversial online column by freelancer Heather Mallick about Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin earlier this month.

“We are open to contentious reasoned argument but not to partisan attack,” he said in a statement posted on the broadcaster's website.

Despite the vitriolic response to Mallick's Sept. 5 piece, “A Mighty Wind Blows Through the Republican Convention,” the CBC had initially stood by the article and said it wouldn't remove it from its website.

In the article, Mallick said Palin appeals to “the white trash vote" with her “toned-down version of the porn actress look.”

Mallick, as it turns out, now works at the Star.

In Canada’s one-sided media landscape, calling a wife, mother, and governor a “porn star” on the taxpayer dole won’t necessarily hurt you. It might prompt a lateral career move as long, as the target of the vitriol is a conservative woman. 

Then there is Leslyn Lewis.

It’s easy to compare and contrast how Canada’s state broadcaster treats two women of color — one running to lead Canada, the other running to be second fiddle to an old man in cognitive decline in America. But one is a social conservative and that becomes evident in CBC’s treatment of her. 

CBC’s website had 1,356 unique stories about Kamala Harris, Leslyn Lewis just 395 — one-third as many as Harris.

For Lewis, the top three search results on CBC’s website are articles covering Lewis only after she lost the Conservative leadership. 

That’s because Lewis upends the CBC narrative that Conservatives — and particularly Western Conservatives who remain the largest constituency of supporters for Lewis — are anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and racist.

Imagine how the CBC tears will fall for Pence-Noem 2024!

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