Global News' Rachel Gilmore publishes breaking fake news about Elon Musk

The misinformation from Canada's self-appointed fake news fighter was published on Twitter about an hour after the premise of the story was debunked.

Global News' Rachel Gilmore publishes breaking fake news about Elon Musk
Twitter / atRachelGilmore and AP Photo/Susan Walsh
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Gilmore's fever-dream-turned-article was based on other outlet's reporting that Elon Musk had consulted with Russian President Vladimir Putin before tweeting that a peaceful diplomatic solution was the way to resolve the war on Ukraine.

As Rebel News contributor Ian Miles Cheong pointed out, Tiktok journalist and vaccine band-aid virtue signaller Rachel Gilmore's story was a painful re-blog of a Vice article from hours earlier.

Fake news peddler Gilmore tweeted her own rehashed version of the already debunked Vice screed over an hour after Musk published a tweet to set the record straight. Gilmore's inaccurate story was tweeted at 12:13 p.m. MT. Musk rebuked the Vice article as misinformation at 10:58 a.m. MT.

Gilmore subsequently updated her story 17 minutes later, but only after a deluge of internet mockery, at 12:30 p.m. MT, to include the denial by Musk that he spoke with Putin before tweeting about a Russia-Ukraine peace plan.

Global News (and Rachel Gilmore) are the shrillest accusers of “fake news” and “disinformation” in Canada.

It’s one thing to make a mistake; it’s another thing to get clickbait through fake news headlines deliberately — that’s exactly what Gilmore accuses her enemies of doing.

Being poorly behaved and acting out for attention doesn't seem to be something new at Global News. Last month, Global's chief political correspondent lost control of his faculties at a press conference held by the newly-elected Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre.

Akin issued an apology but remains Global News' main man in Ottawa. Gilmore remains Global News' face of the teenage social media platform.

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