Global push for green vehicles will require nearly 400 new toxic strip mines

Green vehicle initiatives, like Trudeau's plan for net-zero vehicle purchases by 2035, may require hundreds of new mines for essential metals, raising concerns about environmental and ethical implications, including child labor in Africa.

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According to an analysis by the Fraser Institute, to meet international government mandates, a total of 388 new mines must be built to produce the metals required for Electric Vehicle (EV) production.

We're going to need another generation of Congolese child slaves to keep up with Justin Trudeau's virtue signalling. 

In December 2022, Justin Trudeau announced a plan to make all new vehicle purchases of Canadian automobiles - personal, commercial, and governmental - net zero by 2035.

That target includes the national fleet to be at 60% net-zero 2030, just 6 years away. 

The scheme, first announced by the previous transportation minister, Omar Al Ghabara, and pressed forward by the current transportation minister, Pablo Rodriguez, includes a ban on gas and diesel light-duty vehicles to hit 2050 net-zero goals.

However, the majority of rare earth minerals, like cobalt, required to make the batteries for EVs are mined in Africa, often by child slaves in deplorable and toxic working conditions, earning less than $1 per day.

Justin Trudeau is choosing child slavery over fairly compensated employment, robust human rights, and domestic economic growth here in Canada by banning fossil fuel cars and the jobs created by oil and gas in Canada.

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